Flyton is a project with elements of visual design, branding, and user interface design.

Bigoxx and Rakesh were engaged to develop branding, look and feel, Web and Social Media, print collateral, and signage for a Flyton Institute
of Air Hostess training that was under construction at the time. The concept was to offer a variety of services under the Aviation banner including:

Logo Designs and brand Identity

The first high impact contribution was the design of the logo that was inspired through key attributes of the Flyton Institute of Air Hostess training- timely and accurate service for the airline staff. Brand building is to generate awareness about your business using strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace. Branding can be broken down into three phases:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Marketing

Business Start-up kit like , business cards, flyers, prospects and catalos

A design is the first impression that adds lustre to a great communication be it a calendar, pamphlet or a website. Businesses consciously build appealing print campaigns that reflect the
identity of a brand and then construct a communication around them. The brands that have survived youth expectations know that their survival depends on a design that is catchy and creative. With a great design in mind, you can build a brand to stand out the clutter and be considered the voice of youthful energy.

Corporate Video and Interactive web designs

As I designs whole brand deigns of flyton I design website and corporate video film for YouTube. I take the full responsibility and give you a creative outcome! The site is quick to load, seamless on mobile, and full of subtle animations that bring a sense of sophistication to the user experience. Use it on your YouTube channel, Board Room, Annual Meeting, Internal events, Training Programs, Employee Induction, Intranet, Website, or Trade Show Booth. The applications are limited only by your imagination.


As a brand new institute, Flyton institute needed to break into a busy, Northern India as a professional Air hostess academy to an Indian student base. A strong brand and highly visible online presence needed to be created to facilitate attracting an immediate intake of new students into the institute,