I have Helped Build the Brand for the Company Building Integrated Security Systems.

Integrated Security Systems offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet the security requirements of their corporate customers, serving companies that range from small businesses to those with a large campus environment.


Excel twin Communications approached Bigboxx Media when they were launching their new business, called Integrated Security Systems. They wanted to establish ISS as a separate business, and while they already had a logo designed, they didn’t have any other branding elements and needed to further establish their brand and wanted to communicate their message with traditional marketing strategies and print collateral.

Bigboxx Media and Rakesh Sharma designed the first print marketing materials for Integrated Security Systems and have continued to design their collateral, as needed while maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand. This has included various brochures, pocket folders, handouts, and advertisements. We’ve also designed various types of trade show signage for trade shows.
Integrated Security Systems eventually launched another brand, called. I designed the logo to complement the logo of ISS and also designed various print collateral and trade show displays.


We began working with Integrated Security Systems back in 2017 to help them establish their brand and continue to work with them today as they continue to expand their print marketing efforts, product offerings, and industries served.